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Mattress Sales Black Friday 2020 – Guide for Elders

Remember, ageing is not a myth; it is a reality. We all age and we all go through the process of reaching a life where we have to be extra careful about almost everything. However, we do not like to stay in such kind of feel and we don’t happen to take care of ourselves. What happens if we don’t take care of ourselves is we tend to lose the control and fall sick. To avoid such situations, we have to be vigilant about our lifestyle – sleep, eating, drinking, and exercising.

Here, in this article we will discuss how ageing affects sleep. Also, we will learn about how to choose the right mattress for an old member in the house.

Let’s begin with affects…

According to the latest research and studies, elderly people are more prone to insomnia. Causes varies from person to person. Sleep apnea, sleeping disorders, anxiety about ageing, and side-effects of medications are some of the most commonly diagnosed causes. Other conditions that doesn’t let elders sleep peacefully in the nights include scoliosis, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart failure, kidney associated diseases, arthritis, deficiency of vitamin D, etc.

How to Choose Mattress for Elderly People?

Following are some of the features that you have to look in a mattress.

Mattress Support

When the surface of mattress is stable and proportionate, it allows the level of the body flat. Sleeping on flat surface all night is quite helpful in preventing back pain. If the mattresses are not even, they tend to sag from the center. The cause of an uneven or deep sleep also hinders spinal alignment.

Firmness of Mattress

Firmness of a mattress is directly proportionate to the support of bed. When the mattress is too soft or too hard to sleep on, it triggers sleep. For elderly people, it is important to know body weight and the preferred sleeping position. Both of these actually help in determining how much of firmness is good for the person.

Durability and Long-Life

Almost every mattress performs good for 6 to 7 years. However, some mattresses like polyfoam mattress and innersprings models have shorter life span (is best for 2-3 years). On the other hand, airbed and latex mattresses perform more than 8 years. Regardless of the quality and type, you must discard mattresses within 7-8 years. Buying a mattress that has a guarantee of a decade is good to be in the room. In situations when you are not sure from where to get mattresses, it is best to look out for mattress sales Black Friday 2020.


Creaks and squeaking from mattress are one of the main distractions and disruptions during sleep. Elderly people need a mattress that is excellent and doesn’t create sound whenever they move around in the bed. Remember, hybrids and innersprings mattresses make most of the sound. It is because of the steel components inside the mattress. So, buying a latex or foam mattress is the best one for the senior people.